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We offer complex services in projecting, support and supplies in the field of technical equipment for buildings. Our main goal is a satisfied customer which we can support by many years of experience with projecting and technical equipment and also our technical background…

About Prodig – TCV

PRODIG-TCV s.r.o. is known on the local market under the current name since 2001. Our history goes way back to 1994,when our founding member and current director Miroslav Pařenica started a one-person company. In 2001 PRODIG-TCV s.r.o. was created.
Today we are specializing in projection and supplies of technical equipment for buildings, especially in the industry, administrative and multifunctional buildings, which is our domain. We are authorized by the CKAIT chamber for environmental engineering.

Our services


We are able to provide a project documentation for you at all levels in the field

Air conditioning
Health tech
Gas distribution

We have many years of experience with projecting and technical equipment, many references and also have a perfect technical background… We are authorized by the CKAIT chamber for environmental engineering.

IE01 technology of building environment, technical equipment
TE01 technology of building environment, heating and air conditioning

The documentation is processed as BIM via AutoDesk REVIT or AutoCAD with CADKON TZB extension.


We provide complete technical building equipment. We specialize on difficult air conditioning applications, industrial heating and cool and construction. We also provide measuring and control.

Our team

Miroslav Pařenica

Ředitel společnosti

Ing. Milan Pařenica


Jiří Chovanec, DiS.


Ing. Miroslav Kovaříček


Jakub Vítek


Jarmila Pařenicová

Ekonomický úsek

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Where to find us

PRODIG – TCV s.r.o.
Ratiboř 352
756 21

Tel: +420 734 573 671
Email: prodig@prodig.eu